What is a B2B Paid Social Strategy? 12 Best Tactics For High MRR

Updated: August 23, 2023

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Leveraging B2B paid social ads is one of the top strategies to reach your ideal audiences and convert them into customers. 

77% of B2B marketers use retargeting as part of their Facebook and Instagram marketing strategy. 

Besides, most B2B marketers have reported that 80% of their leads come from LinkedIn, making it one of the most sought-after B2B marketing channels for social media ads.  


Apart from offering a high engagement, B2B social media paid ads help to increase your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), leading to increased profits. 

However, not all B2B paid social campaigns result in bringing revenue. In fact, most B2B companies lose a significant amount of money due to inefficient campaign management, ultimately leading to a substantial decrease in overall revenue.

Therefore, if you wish to make the most of your B2B paid social media ads budget, you should learn and apply the best B2B paid social strategies to generate the highest returns on your social ads investment. 

In this article, I will discuss the top business-to-business social media ads management tactics to help you drive maximum B2B leads.

What is a B2B Paid Social Strategy?

A B2B paid social strategy refers to a comprehensive plan that outlines how a business-to-business (B2B) company leverages paid advertising on social media platforms to achieve specific marketing and business goals. This strategy involves the systematic use of paid campaigns to target and engage potential clients within the B2B sector, with the ultimate aim of driving lead generation, increasing brand awareness, and ultimately boosting revenue.

High-Converting Paid Social Media Strategies For B2B

Here are the top paid social strategies for B2B products and companies:

1- Understand Your Audience

Creating an effective B2B social media ads strategy requires a deep understanding of your target audience to generate valuable leads. 

Start by creating a detailed profile of your ideal B2B customer. Consider factors such as industry, company size, job titles, pain points, challenges, and goals. This will help you pinpoint the characteristics of your target audience. 

Here is an example of a B2B buyer persona:


Analyze your existing customer data, website analytics, and CRM to identify common traits among your current B2B customers. Look for patterns in industries, job roles, and demographics. 

You can also research your competitors’ followers and customers on social media. By doing so, you can gain valuable insights into the types of businesses and professionals who are interested in your niche.

Remember, B2B lead generation through social media ads is an ongoing process that requires refining and adapting as you gather more data and insights. 

By carefully understanding your audience and tailoring your targeting strategy, you can maximize the effectiveness of your B2B social media ads campaign.

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2- Create Short-Term Promotional Campaigns

Short-term campaigns are marketing initiatives that run for a limited duration, usually a few days to a few weeks, with the primary goal of creating a sense of urgency and driving immediate action from the target audience. 

These campaigns are designed to capitalize on specific events, occasions, holidays, or trends to generate quick bursts of engagement, leads, or sales. 

Short-term campaigns are particularly effective for creating excitement, leveraging FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and prompting immediate responses from the audience.

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Some of the best examples of short-term social media campaigns are: 

  • Flash Sale: Offer a limited-time discount on a product or service and promote it through your social media channels. “24-hour flash sale: Get 30% off our best-selling product!” 
  • Holiday Special: Create a campaign tied to a specific holiday or occasion. “Valentine’s Day special: Exclusive gift bundle for your loved ones!” 
  • Event Countdown: Build anticipation for an upcoming event by sharing daily updates, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes content leading up to the event date. 
  • Limited Stock Promotion: Highlight the scarcity of a product by emphasizing limited stock availability. “Only 10 left! Grab your exclusive item before it’s gone!” 
  • Early Bird Offer: Encourage early registrations or bookings by offering discounted rates to those who sign up before a certain date. “Register early for our conference and save 20%!” 
  • Product Launch Teasers: Generate buzz around an upcoming product launch by sharing teaser videos, images, and intriguing snippets of what’s to come. 
  • Social Media Contest: Run a short-term contest that encourages user-generated content and engagement. “Share your best summer photo for a chance to win!”

3- Perform Hyper-Personalized Targeting

Performing hyper-personalized targeting involves crafting highly specific and individualized campaigns to connect with decision-makers and professionals in a meaningful way. This strategy goes beyond basic demographic information and taps into the intricacies of each potential lead’s industry, job role, challenges, and interests. 

Gather data from various sources, including your website, CRM, and social media platforms. Now analyze this data to identify patterns and behaviors that provide insights into what each segment values and engages with. 

Tailor your offers to align with the interests of each segment. For instance, if you’re targeting IT professionals, focus on the technical benefits of your product, whereas if you’re targeting marketing managers, emphasize ROI and lead generation.

One of the best ways to leverage hyper-personalized targeting is by using dynamic ads that automatically adjust content based on the viewer’s characteristics. 

4- Create Compelling Ad Copy

Creating compelling ad copy for B2B social media ads involves crafting persuasive and engaging content that resonates with your target audience of professionals and decision-makers. 

Before writing a single word, thoroughly understand your B2B audience’s pain points, challenges, goals, and aspirations. This knowledge forms the foundation of your ad copy. 

Highlight the value your product or service brings to your audience and clearly communicate how it addresses their specific needs, solves problems, or enhances their business operations. 

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You should speak directly to the challenges your B2B audience faces. Frame your ad copy around how your offering alleviates these pain points and makes their professional lives easier. 

Remember that B2B professionals are busy and seek quick solutions. They are looking for concrete outcomes that impact their business positively. Hence, you should craft concise and clear ad copy that immediately conveys your message without ambiguity. Showcase how your offering delivers a strong return on investment (ROI). Demonstrate how using your product/service can translate into cost savings or revenue growth. 

5- Perform Landing Page Optimization

Ensure seamless alignment between your ad content and the landing page. The messaging, visuals, and offer should match what users clicked on in the ad.

Craft a compelling and concise headline that captures the essence of your offer and resonates with your target audience’s needs. 

Clearly communicate the value of your product or service and explain how it addresses specific pain points and benefits the user’s business. 

Use relevant and high-quality images or videos that support your message and create a visually appealing experience.

If your conversion goal involves a form, keep it as brief as possible. Only ask for essential information that you need to follow up effectively.

6- Partner With Influencers 

B2B influencers have cultivated engaged and relevant audiences within your industry. Partnering with them allows you to tap into these audiences, ensuring that your message reaches potential leads who are genuinely interested in your offerings.

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You can collaborate with influencers to co-create valuable lead magnets such as eBooks, whitepapers, or industry reports. These resources can be offered in exchange for contact information, helping you capture and nurture leads.

You can also partner with influencers to host webinars or workshops that provide educational content to your audience. These events can be used to generate leads by requiring registration and contact information.

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7- Leverage Video Storytelling

Leveraging video storytelling in B2B social media ads can be a game-changing strategy to capture the attention of your target audience.

Instead of solely talking about your product, demonstrate its features, benefits, and how it solves specific challenges.

You can incorporate customer testimonials or case studies to provide social proof and highlight the positive impact of your B2B solutions.

Many viewers watch videos without sound, so ensure that your video’s key message is understandable even without audio.

One of the best examples of B2B video storytelling is Slack. “Alright, We Took Slack for a Spin…” And What’s Next? This title doesn’t just spark curiosity – it ignites a quest for knowledge. 

Departing from the usual testimonial format, the video adds a fresh spin, infusing humor and dynamic visuals that captivate and amuse the audience. Through clever storytelling, it showcases the real-world applications of the company’s team collaboration tools. 

8- Establish LinkedIn Thought Leadership

Establishing thought leadership on LinkedIn is a crucial strategy for B2B brands looking to build credibility and resonate with their target audience through social media ads. This involves optimizing your LinkedIn profile, focusing on a specific niche within your industry, and crafting a content strategy that showcases your expertise. 

By creating and sharing educational content, such as articles, videos, and infographics, you provide valuable insights that position your brand as a knowledgeable resource. Engaging with other thought leaders and joining relevant groups fosters meaningful connections and expands your reach. 

Consistency in posting, responding to comments, and leveraging features like LinkedIn Live can enhance your visibility and engagement. Monitoring analytics allows you to refine your approach based on what resonates most with your audience, ultimately strengthening your thought leadership presence and driving B2B lead generation efforts.

9- Use Retargeting

Social media retargeting ads are a potent strategy for generating B2B leads by reconnecting with individuals who have previously engaged with your brand but haven’t taken the desired action. This approach operates by using tracking technology to monitor user interactions on your website or social media platforms. Based on these actions, custom audiences are formed, categorized by behavior and interests. 

Retargeting ads are then tailored to each audience segment, crafting personalized messages that remind users of your offerings and encourage them to re-engage. 

By displaying relevant content and compelling calls to action, retargeting ads guide potential leads back into your sales funnel. This technique leverages the power of personalization and familiarity, significantly increasing the chances of converting warm leads into valuable B2B clients.

You should extend your retargeting strategy beyond the platform where the initial interaction occurred. For instance, if a user engaged on your website, retarget them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

10- Host Webinars 

Hosting webinars is a powerful way for B2B brands to showcase expertise, engage with their audience, and generate leads.

Here is an example of a webinar ad from Neil Patel on Facebook:


Video ads are particularly effective for promoting webinars. Create a short video teaser that highlights the value of attending and introduces the speaker(s). 

If you have industry experts or thought leaders as speakers, leverage their reputation to attract participants. Mention their credentials and accomplishments in your ads.

You can also implement retargeting ads to reach users who have shown interest in your brand or related content. Remind them of the upcoming webinar and encourage them to register.

12- Use B2B Friendly Social Channels

Using B2B-friendly social channels is essential for optimizing your social media strategy to effectively reach and engage your target audience in the business-to-business (B2B) sector.

Here are the top B2B friendly social media ad platforms: 

Social Media PlatformTarget AudienceAd Format OptionsBest Use Cases
LinkedInProfessionals, Decision-makers, B2B companiesSponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Dynamic AdsThought leadership content, Product demos, Lead generation, Industry insights
TwitterProfessionals, Industry experts, BusinessesPromoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Promoted TrendsReal-time updates, Industry news, Engaging with thought leaders
FacebookProfessionals, Businesses, Decision-makersCarousel Ads, Lead Generation Ads, Video AdsShowcasing company culture, Educational content, Retargeting
YouTubeProfessionals seeking in-depth informationTrueView In-Stream Ads, Discovery AdsEducational videos, Webinars, Product demonstrations
SlideShareProfessionals seeking detailed presentationsSponsored ContentSharing detailed industry presentations, Reports, Insights
InstagramCreative industries, Visual contentPhoto Ads, Stories AdsBehind-the-scenes content, Visual storytelling
PinterestVisual industries, Creative solutionsPromoted PinsSharing infographics, Visual resources, Data-driven insights
QuoraProfessionals seeking insights and solutionsQuora AdsAnswering industry-related questions, Thought leadership
RedditIndustry-specific communitiesReddit AdsEngaging in industry discussions, Sharing expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my B2B business invest in social media ads? 

B2B social media ads offer a precise way to reach decision-makers and industry professionals directly. By targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, these ads can generate leads from companies with a higher likelihood of becoming high-value, long-term customers.

What types of content work best for B2B paid social ads? 

Content that showcases your B2B product’s unique value proposition, success stories, thought leadership insights, and educational resources tend to perform well. Videos, case studies, whitepapers, and industry reports are often engaging for decision-makers.

How can I ensure my B2B ads generate high MRR leads? 

Target your ads meticulously by using buyer personas, job titles, company size, and industry filters. Craft compelling ad copy that addresses pain points and demonstrates how your solution solves their challenges. Incorporate clear calls to action (CTAs) that guide users towards lead generation forms or direct communication.

Should B2B social ads be managed in-house or by a professional agency? 

While managing in-house offers control, professional agencies often bring expertise, industry insights, and access to advanced tools. Outsourcing to an agency can optimize your campaigns for higher MRR potential.

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