List of the World’s Best SaaS Blogs 

March 5, 2024
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Introducing to you the world’s best SaaS blogs! These blogs provide in-depth resources for entrepreneurs and marketers for effective user-onboarding and product growth. 

Our curated list of the top SaaS blogs will help you experience product-led growth and high MRR. They publish product-centric and customer-centric blog posts written by SaaS experts, growth marketers, venture capitalists, and UX specialists to grow your early-stage SaaS brand.

What are SaaS Blogs?

SaaS blogs are websites that publish actionable guides and case studies for marketers, investors and SaaS professionals. 

Here is what SaaS blogs offer:

  • B2B sales strategies
  • SaaS podcasts
  • Customer success stories 
  • B2B software metrics calculation 
  • SaaS content marketing tips
  • Inbound marketing and B2B lead generation tactics
  • Digital user experience optimization
  • Web-based software pricing techniques
  • In-depth How-to tutorials
  • Infographics and videos
  • Cloud computing and SaaS marketing trends
  • Product innovation tips

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Why Should You Read Customer-Centric SaaS Blogs?     

Reading SaaS blogs is highly beneficial for you because they offer insights to the latest software industry trends and developments.

The primary reasons why growth marketers and entrepreneurs should read a SaaS blog are:

  • Stay updated on the latest news, trends and best practices in the SaaS sector. 
  • Learn user onboarding and product adoption strategies for effective demand generation and ARR growth.
  • Read real-world software-as-a-service success stories from leading software brands focused on UX analytics, growth tips, and on-demand product development. 
  • Discover customer journey tracking, UX optimization, and marketing tools and techniques to streamline SaaS buyer funnels. 
  • Learn about innovative methods that fastest growing software companies apply for user acquisition and retention. 
  • Connect with SaaS influencers and entrepreneurs to expand the reach of your brand.

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Best SaaS Blogs For SaaS Startups, Growth Marketers, and Product Managers


Founded: 2018

Founder: Ty Smith

Clickstrike is one of the best SaaS blogs that offers in-depth content pieces on SaaS marketing, social media marketing, SEO, Influencer Marketing and B2B Lead Generation. 

This blog is a one stop destination for you to learn about SaaS and tech marketing. They also publish case studies and guides to increase organic traffic.

Why Should You Read The Clickstrike SaaS Blog? 

  • Covers the latest SaaS and tech marketing trends. 
  • Offers comprehensive and ROI-focused content covering SaaS SEO, SaaS PPC, influencer marketing, B2B lead gen, and more. 
  • Their SaaS bloggers offer actionable SaaS advertising advice to grow organic traffic and leads.

Popular Articles on Clickstrike:


Founded: 2012

Founder: Jason Lemkin

SaaStr is another popular SaaS growth blog that provides guides and resources for scaling SaaS companies. Their blog contains e-books, statistics reports and B2B sales strategies to grow your software brand. 

Why Should You Read This SaaS Blog? 

  • SaaStr articles are of great value to professionals looking for growth and sales tactics to run high-value SaaS companies.
  • Features stories and Q&A sessions with successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and industry leaders.
  • Provides practical advice for scaling, fundraising, hiring, and navigating challenges in SaaS. The best part is, you can filter the information based on role/function, topic, and company stage.
  • Offers insights from prominent figures in the SaaS community through podcasts and videos.

Popular Articles on SaaStr:


Founded: 2006

Founders: Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan

Hubspot is one of the top-rated SaaS blogs that publishes top-notch articles, studies, and research reports on the hottest SaaS marketing  trends. Their data-driven blogs help SaaS professionals and investors gain valuable insights on SaaS customer-success strategies to reduce customer churn and increase revenue.

Why Should You Read The HubSpot SaaS Blog? 

  • Explore data-driven reports, such as the “2024 State of Marketing & Trends Report,” offering insights from over 1400 global marketers.
  • Enjoy a variety of content formats, including articles, podcasts, videos, and newsletters.
  • Learn from real-world examples and case studies to understand how businesses have successfully implemented strategies.
  • Stay updated on SaaS best practices for web accessibility, UX design, and prototyping.

Popular Articles on HubSpot:

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Forget the Funnel

Founded: 2017

Founders: Claire Suellentrop and Georgina Laudi

Forget the Funnel is a top-rated SaaS blog which focuses on helping businesses and marketers improve their marketing strategies and get a high return on investment. They offer workshops, webinars, and training programs on SaaS advertising, customer research and conversion optimization. 

Why Should You Read The Forget the Funnel SaaS Blog? 

  • You can find live sessions, including reviews of SaaS onboarding, pricing pages, homepages, and more, offering real-time analysis and advice.
  • Their bloggers and SaaS influencers cover a diverse range of topics like analytics & tracking, SaaS community building, customer marketing, leadership, and marketing strategy.
  • You can also get actionable resources like cheat sheets on SaaS marketing strategies and best practices.

Popular SaaS Growth Resources on Forget the Funnel:


Founded: 1999

Founders: Marc Benioff and Parker Harris

The Salesforce blog is one of the oldest blogging resources that covers how-to guides and tutorials on customer relationship management, inbound marketing, industry insights and newest SaaS advertising trends. 

Why Should You Read The Salesforce SaaS Blog? 

  • They offer expert tips and advice sorted by your target industry like healthcare, media, retail, manufacturing, and others.
  • Their team of SaaS writers and industry professionals conduct research to provide you the current survey data on different topics related to SaaS.

Popular Articles on Salesforce:

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Cobloom is one of the top-rated SaaS blogs for SaaS companies looking for growth without selling more equity. The blog addresses SAAS-specific challenges, including churn rates, SAAS sales metrics, value metrics, and finding product/market fit. 

Founded: 2012

Founder: Will Steward

Why Should You Read The Cobloom SaaS Blog? 

  • The blog includes in-depth guides on important SAAS metrics, such as ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), providing a comprehensive resource for SAAS professionals looking to understand and calculate these metrics accurately.
  • Cobloom covers a wide range of topics, including marketing, sales, product growth, and optimization.
  • New content appears weekly, and can be useful for SaaS professionals who value a consistent flow of information and insights.

Popular Articles on Cobloom:


Founded: 2007

Founders: Mikkel Svane, Morten Primdahl and Alexander Aghassipour

The Zendesk blog provides insights, tips and tricks, and best practices to SaaS businesses. Some of the topics they cover are AI and automation, customer experience management, analytics and data, research and trends, guides and ebooks, and podcasts. 

Why Should You Read The Zendesk Blog? 

  • They provide beginner-friendly articles covering the software-as-a-service sales model and the best techniques for mastering it. 
  • You can also find the best SaaS marketing and customer management apps that can benefit SaaS companies.
  • This blog is also useful for SaaS VCs as they can gain insights beyond just funds, emphasizing the importance of customer relationships. 
  • Zendesk also discusses newest trends on how AI is leveraged by leading tech and SaaS companies to reduce customer service costs and enhance productivity.

Popular Articles on Zendesk:

SaaS Capital Blog

Founded: 2007 

Founders: Founded by a group SaaS advisers 

SaaS Capital Blog is one of the best SaaS blogs that discusses trends in the SaaS industry, such as the slowing growth rates of publicly traded SaaS companies, the impact of artificial intelligence on B2B SaaS, and updates on growth and profitability for private B2B SaaS companies.

Why Should You Read The SaaS Capital Blog?

  • The blog offers information on financial metrics and benchmarking for SaaS companies, including growth rates, profitability, cost of capital, deal sizes, revenue per employee, and spending benchmarks. 
  • The SaaS Capital blog provides insights into the SaaS industry, sharing knowledge gained from funding over 100 SaaS companies.
  • For SaaS companies looking for growth without selling more equity, the blog offers information on alternative financing strategies. The founders have experience in specialty debt lending, revenue-based lending, and venture capital, providing a diverse set of financial strategies for SaaS businesses.

Popular Articles on the SaaS Capital Blog:


Founded: 2021

Founder: Pratik Sagar Mishra 

Saastitute is comparatively a new blog for SaaS professionals. The blog is easy to access and beginner friendly for newbie SaaS professionals. You can also join their newsletter to get bi-weekly updates. Some of the categories they cover are business intelligence, SEO and email automation. 

Why Should You Read The SaaStitute SaaS Blog? 

  • Reading the blog keeps you updated on the latest and hottest trends in the SaaS industry.
  • Find benefits, tips, and tools related to business intelligence reporting for SaaS. Understand how big data plays a crucial role and discover the top tools available in the market.
  • Learn how to integrate SEO and email automation into your SaaS marketing strategy. Gain insights into generating organic traffic, leads, and sales through effective SEO practices.

Popular Articles on SaaStitute:


These SaaS blogs serve as a valuable resource for early-stage startups and established enterprises. 

From insights and experienced advice from experts to revenue growth, these blogs offer a ton of knowledge to help the Software as a Service professionals succeed in their careers.     

The best SaaS blogs offer  guidance on sales, marketing, customer service engagement, product management, and growth strategies. 

They represent the pinnacle of thought leadership, innovations and experience of the high paced SaaS industry.

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