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November 25, 2023

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SaaS companies require significant capital to scale their operations. 

From expanding their customer base to improving and scaling their infrastructure, VC funding provides the necessary financial resources to fuel SaaS startup growth.

Moreover, VC funding facilitates the expansion of the company’s market reach, allowing SaaS brands to tap into new customer segments and increase their market share.

This article lists the most active SaaS VCs who are investing in SaaS businesses right now. 

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Who Are SaaS VCs?

Venture capital firms (VCs) that specialize in Software as a Service (SaaS) investments are those that actively fund and support startups and companies operating in the SaaS industry. 

SaaS VCs understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with SaaS businesses and allocate their resources to help these companies grow and succeed. 

Saas VC Funding Stages

Venture capital funding for SaaS companies typically comes in various stages, with each stage representing a different round of funding. Here are the common types of SaaS VC funding rounds: 

  • Seed Round: In the beginning, SaaS startups often go through what’s called a Seed Round. This is where they get their initial funding. This money is used to check if their business idea makes sense, create a basic version of their product (called a minimum viable product or MVP), and try it out in the market early on. Usually, this kind of funding comes from angel investors, smaller venture capital firms known as micro-VCs, or firms that specialize in investing in early-stage startups. 
  • Series A: Once a SaaS company has demonstrated market viability, achieved some level of traction, and has a solid business model, it may seek Series A funding. This round is usually larger than the seed round and is aimed at scaling the business, expanding the team, and increasing marketing efforts. 
  • Series B: Companies that have proven their product-market fit and are ready to scale to the next level seek Series B funding. This round is often used for expanding market share, entering new markets, and investing in further product development. Series B funding is provided by venture capital firms that specialize in growth-stage investments. 
  • Series C, D, E, etc.: As a SaaS company grows, it might need more funding to keep expanding. They often do this through different rounds of funding, like Series C, Series D, and so on, each marked by the next letter in the alphabet. These later rounds usually involve more money than the earlier ones and are used for things like growing the business, entering new markets, and sometimes getting ready for a major move, like going public (IPO) or being acquired. 
  • Late-Stage Financing: For software companies that are heading toward an IPO, they might get what’s called late-stage financing. This is when big investors, like institutional investors, private equity firms, or sovereign wealth funds, provide a significant amount of money. This funding is crucial as it helps the company prepare and navigate the stages leading up to the IPO.

Top SaaS VCs Actively Investing in SaaS Companies

Here are the top SaaS VC firms that are actively investing in SaaS startups: 

Sequoia Capital

Founded in 1972, Sequoia Capital is an American venture capital firm with headquarters in Menlo Park, California, was founded in 1972 by Don Valentine. 

Specializing in seed, early, and growth stage investments in private technology companies, Sequoia manages approximately US$85 billion in assets as of 2022. 

Notable successful investments include Apple, Cisco, Google, YouTube, and WhatsApp, while unsuccessful investments include an estimated loss of US$214 million on FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange that collapsed in 2023. 

Sequoia, structured as a limited liability company, operates as an umbrella brand for three distinct venture entities focusing on the U.S. and Europe, India and Southeast Asia, and China. 

Over the years, the firm has demonstrated a strong track record in early-stage investments and has expanded globally. 

In June 2023, Sequoia announced plans to split into three independent entities, citing challenges in running a decentralized global investment business amidst geopolitical tensions. 

The separation is expected to complete by March 2024, with the U.S. and Europe unit retaining the Sequoia name, the Chinese business named HongShan (“sequoia” in Mandarin), and the Indian and Southeast Asia arm named Peak XV Partners. 

Y Combinator

Founded in 2005, Y Combinator is a pioneering force in the startup world, renowned for its accelerator programs that provide early-stage companies with invaluable support, mentorship, and a substantial initial investment of $500,000. Known for backing some of today’s tech giants like Airbnb, Stripe, Coinbase, and Dropbox, Y Combinator offers a network of experienced partners, access to a vast investor database, and exclusive deals from leading software companies. 

They focus on helping founders build successful businesses, regardless of their age or the stage of their idea—statistics show that a significant portion of their billion-dollar companies had no revenue when they applied. 

With an extensive track record of nurturing startups into unicorns, Y Combinator stands as a beacon for entrepreneurs seeking not just funding, but the guidance and resources crucial for scaling their innovative ideas into global successes.

The SaaStr Fund

Founded in 2012, SaaStr, a leading community hub for business software, offers an extensive repository of resources, insights, and events tailored for scaling startups in the SaaS industry. 

With a $150 million fund, they provide invaluable content, including podcasts, videos, and articles, focusing on crucial topics like scaling strategies, leadership, and IPO insights. 

SaaStr’s platform offers a blend of practical advice from experienced entrepreneurs, top VCs, and industry leaders, addressing the critical challenges faced by founders. 

Additionally, SaaStr boasts partnerships with notable companies, hosts global events, and provides a wealth of free resources such as eBooks and workshops, positioning itself as an essential knowledge center for SaaS companies aiming to navigate the complexities of growth and success.

Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) is a renowned venture capital firm specializing in funding high-growth technology companies, particularly in the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector. Known for its strategic investments and hands-on approach, a16z has a notable portfolio of investments in leading SaaS companies. 

They’ve backed industry giants like GitHub, Slack, Airbnb, Lyft, and many more, emphasizing disruptive innovation and transformative technologies. 

With a keen eye for identifying promising startups and providing comprehensive support, a16z’s investments in the SaaS space reflect their commitment to fostering innovation and driving the evolution of the tech industry.

Point Nine

Founded in 2011, Point Nine is an esteemed venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments within the realms of SaaS, enterprise software, and B2B marketplaces. 

Since 2008, they’ve been trailblazers in backing transformative companies such as Algolia, Contentful, Zendesk, and more, positioning themselves as pioneers in identifying and supporting groundbreaking startups. 

Their investment strategy primarily targets seed-stage companies, showcasing a commitment to nurturing innovation from inception. With a geo-agnostic approach, focusing on Europe while investing globally, they’ve fostered a remarkable track record—over 65% of their seed-backed companies secure Series A funding, with several reaching impressive $100M+ annual revenue milestones. 

Point Nine’s dedication to amplifying the success of early-stage ventures makes them a formidable force in shaping the future of tech-driven entrepreneurship.

Costanoa Ventures

Founded in 2012, Costanoa Ventures is a prominent venture capital firm dedicated to nurturing early-stage startups from conception to scaling, focusing on data infrastructure, security, fintech, and applied AI. With a successful track record, their portfolio includes notable companies like Alation, AppOmni, Highnote, and Quizlet, showcasing their prowess in identifying and supporting transformative ventures. 

Their commitment extends beyond initial funding—through their BuilderOps initiative, they empower founders with strategic guidance and expertise to accelerate product-market fit. Emphasizing a small, impactful portfolio, Costanoa invests generously in each startup, offering unwavering support and expertise as they navigate their entrepreneurial journey. 

The firm’s dedication to hands-on support, highlighted by the success stories of Aserto, Noyo, Trully, and Bigeye, cements their position as a pivotal player in shaping the growth of early-stage tech startups in the realms of data, security, and fintech.


Founded in 2000, Seedcamp is Europe’s premier seed fund, specializing in early investments in visionary founders targeting expansive global markets through disruptive technologies. 

The Seedcamp Nation boasts a robust ecosystem of over 470 startups, with 10 European unicorns in its portfolio, including Hopin, Wise, Revolut, and UiPath. These companies collectively represent a market value exceeding $7 billion, reflecting Seedcamp’s commitment to nurturing exceptional talent. 

Beyond financial backing, Seedcamp fosters a collaborative network where over 1,000 founders and experts engage, share insights, and leverage resources. The belief that exceptional talent can emerge from any corner of the world underpins Seedcamp’s mission, with a track record of being the first investor in some of the world’s most impactful companies. 

With 15+ years of experience, Seedcamp serves as a dedicated partner in guiding startups from ideation to substantial value creation, offering expertise, networks, and infrastructure for long-term success. The success stories of companies like wefox Group underscore Seedcamp’s crucial role in driving growth and innovation.

Bessemer Venture Partners

Founded in 2021, Bessemer Venture Partners stands as a formidable global venture capital firm with a strong commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide. 

With a diverse portfolio spanning various sectors and stages, including standout companies like bigbasket, Swiggy, Ola, and Pharmeasy, their India office, operating for over 15 years, has supported over 65 startups. 

In 2021, Bessemer launched a dedicated $220 million fund, signaling a deepened commitment to India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. The firm’s emphasis on diverse founders and CEOs globally, coupled with strategic investments across SaaS, B2B marketplaces, fintech, and other sectors, solidifies their position as a catalyst for transformative ventures across the Indian landscape.

Boldstart Ventures

Founded in 2010, Boldstart Ventures positions itself as a pioneering force in the realm of venture capital, specializing in supporting Developer First, Infra, and SaaS founders right from the inception stages. 

With a unique focus on collaborating with technical founders before company creation, they actively lead pre-product rounds, leveraging their extensive network and expertise to nurture bold ideas into groundbreaking, category-defining companies. Renowned for their early backing of iconic startups like Snyk, Block Daemon, Kustomer, and BigID, boldstart ventures has a proven track record of nurturing startups from inception to successful outcomes. 

Their consistent presence in the tech landscape, highlighted by a multitude of investments and recognitions across the industry, cements their status as a pivotal force in guiding startups through the challenging journey from ideation to Series A and beyond.

Accel Partners

Accel Partners is a pioneering SaaS-focused VC firm deeply entrenched in enabling early-stage startups to scale from inception to IPO. With a robust portfolio, they’ve backed revolutionary companies like Klaviyo, Snyk, and BigID, championing their journeys from seed to significant milestones. 

Their ethos of supporting founders well before company creation resonates in their timeline, spanning numerous successful Series A, B, and IPO rounds. 

Accel’s success lies in their relentless pursuit of visionary founders, providing unparalleled support, and cultivating iconic companies that redefine industries.

New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

Founded in 1977, NEA is a leading VC firm that champions innovation across diverse sectors like technology, enterprise, and healthcare. With a robust portfolio spanning companies like Databricks, Everside Health, MasterClass, and Tempus, they’re deeply involved in empowering data-driven solutions, digital health initiatives, and consumer tech advancements. 

Beyond investments, NEA fosters knowledge sharing through insightful blogs and podcasts, exemplifying their commitment to fostering industry growth, diversity, and innovation. 

Their engagements and acquisitions further showcase their dedication to advancing transformative technologies that solve real-world challenges.


Founded in 1996, Northzone is a versatile venture capital fund dedicated to supporting resilient founders across various stages, from seed to growth. Their diverse portfolio spans investments in pioneering companies like Salus, Solvimon, and Era, showcasing a commitment to innovative solutions in mental health support, billing, wealth management, and more. 

Their team fosters a collaborative environment, blending rigor and personal experience to back founders on their journey. 

The Northzone newsletter offers insights into their investments, interviews with key figures, and portfolio news, exemplifying their dedication to empowering forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

500 Startups

500 Global is a significant venture capital firm with a focus on nurturing fast-growing technology companies globally. With an extensive portfolio including companies like Canva, Credit Karma, Bukalapak, Grab, and Talkdesk, they’ve supported over 2,800 startups worldwide. 

Their investments span various sectors and geographies, emphasizing markets where technology and innovation create lasting value and drive economic growth. The firm’s expertise is reinforced by a diverse team spread across 30 countries, blending entrepreneurial, investment, and operational experience from leading technology companies. 

The company’s dedication to fostering innovation is evident through its investments and support for founders aiming to convert potential into performance.

Battery Ventures

Founded in 1983, Battery Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm founded in 1983, has been investing in technology companies globally across various sectors, including application software, infrastructure software, consumer, and industrial tech, among others. With a focus on partnering with talented teams at all growth stages, Battery Ventures has managed significant funds like Battery Ventures XIV and Select Fund II, totaling $3.8 billion. 

Their team-driven culture and thesis-driven investment approach emphasize supporting extraordinary business leaders. The firm boasts a borderless perspective, leveraging its international offices in Boston, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Tel Aviv, London, and New York City to make strategic investments and foster long-term growth. 

Battery Ventures not only invests but actively supports and helps scale technology businesses, offering insights, resources, and expertise for founders aiming to scale their ventures rapidly. Their portfolio includes a range of successful companies across the technology landscape, and they continue to make investments with a long-term vision, focusing on international opportunities and technology-driven solutions.

SaaS Venture Capital

Founded in 2017, SaaS Venture Capital is a forward-thinking investment firm dedicated to fueling innovation within the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) landscape. With a focus on empowering disruptive technologies and solutions, they strategically invest in SaaS companies poised for significant growth and market impact. 

Leveraging a seasoned team of experts, they not only provide capital but also offer invaluable guidance and resources to help their portfolio companies thrive. Their investment strategy centers around identifying visionary founders and high-potential SaaS ventures, fostering a collaborative environment, and driving sustainable success. 

While their specific portfolio and investments might not be explicitly outlined, their commitment to supporting the next generation of SaaS innovations is a testament to their dedication to the sector’s growth and evolution.

OpenView Venture

Founded in 2007, OpenView is an expansion-stage venture capital firm dedicated to propelling the growth of innovative companies, particularly in the realm of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). They provide not just capital but a wealth of expertise and a robust network to enable their portfolio companies to scale effectively. 

Their focus on Product-Led Growth (PLG) underscores their commitment to nurturing companies that prioritize product experience as a key driver of customer acquisition and retention. 

While specific investments might not be listed, OpenView’s emphasis on aiding companies in the “age of connected work” and providing resources centered on metrics, pricing strategies, and growth advice showcases their dedication to empowering SaaS ventures for success in the evolving landscape of technology.

Atlanta Ventures

Founded in 2012, Atlanta Ventures is a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments in subscription-based companies within the Southeastern United States. They foster entrepreneurship by co-founding companies, providing funding for early-stage ventures, and offering a wealth of resources and events to empower startups. 

Their focus on building successful subscription-based businesses is evident in their portfolio, featuring companies like Calendly, Rigor, SalesLoft, and Terminus, which have disrupted industries with innovative solutions. 

Atlanta Ventures’ commitment to supporting entrepreneurs is reflected in their methodology, aiming to create multiple successful businesses annually, aiming to catalyze the growth of the next $100 million business.

Frontline Ventures

Founded in 2012, Frontline Ventures specializes in backing globally ambitious B2B SaaS companies across Europe and North America. They offer distinct programs, Frontline Growth and Frontline Seed, catering to different stages of companies and their expansion plans. 

Frontline Growth focuses on supporting successful B2B software companies in the US looking to expand into Europe, while Frontline Seed targets ambitious entrepreneurs in Europe seeking to grow and incorporate the US market into their future plans. 

Their portfolio showcases companies like Navan (formerly TripActions), Workvivo, Signal AI, MosaicML, Finbourne, Humaans, and Pointy, which have successfully addressed various industry needs, from internal communications platforms to machine learning infrastructure, financial data systems, and more. The firm also provides valuable research reports, such as “The European Expansion Report 2023,” offering insights for CEOs considering European expansion, drawing from data and expertise to guide decisions on timing, organizational design, and go-to-market strategies.

Eight Roads Ventures

Eight Roads Ventures is This SaaS VC firm collaborates with innovative technology and healthcare companies, providing solutions like AppsFlyer, an attribution platform serving leading brands, and Icertis, pushing the boundaries in contract lifecycle management. 

They actively invest in forward-thinking ventures like Paidy, a Fintech startup offering immediate credit in Japan, Cazoo, an online used car sales platform, and WHILL, developing advanced personal mobility devices. 

Additionally, their portfolio includes companies such as PharmEasy, Hibob, Shadowfax, Laurus Labs, and Red Points, leading innovation in healthcare technology and software. With over 50 years of investment experience, they have partnered with 300+ companies worldwide, managing assets exceeding $11 billion.

Frog Capital

Founded in 2009, Frog Capital specializes in backing European Software Scale-Ups that not only aim for growth but also prioritize making a positive impact. They target companies with around €3m revenue run rate, emphasizing product-market fit and rapid growth, seeking €5m to €30m in funding. 

Beyond mere financial backing, Frog Capital values purpose-driven enterprises that align with societal betterment. Their Scale-Up Methodology, crafted from experiences with over a hundred scale-up journeys, offers strategic insights and toolkits for leadership teams navigating the challenges of growth while staying true to their original purpose and values. 

Their portfolio includes impactful companies like Housfy, Genasys, Clue Software, Caspar, and Evotix, showcasing a commitment to software ventures contributing positively to society.


Founded  in 2012 Acceleprise Ventures, established in 2012, emerged from a need to support early-stage enterprise tech companies, eventually expanding its operations to San Francisco in 2014. Led by a team including Michael Cardamone, Rowan Trollope, Nick Mehta, and Whitney Sales, Acceleprise focuses on nurturing the next generation of standout SaaS companies. 

Their four-month program, extensive mentorship, and broad network empower these startups to thrive. They specialize in investments in various sectors including digital, fintech, software, and telecommunications across North America. 

Acceleprise Ventures remains an instrumental force, providing hands-on guidance and resources to shape the future of technology.

Insight Venture Partners

Insight Partners stands as a premier SaaS VC firm, empowering ambitious companies across various growth stages for over 25 years. Their portfolio comprises more than 600 transformative companies, benefiting from Insight’s extensive expertise in software operations and their flexible capital offerings. 

From early to late-stage growth, Insight Partners has been a trusted ally, helping leaders actualize their visions faster and more effectively. While Insight’s portfolio spans a wide range of industries, their focus remains on enabling software companies to thrive. 

Their collaborations with companies showcase a commitment to aiding businesses in achieving their growth and capital-raising objectives. Insight’s success stories with portfolio companies highlight the value they bring as a strategic partner, offering insights and support to drive growth and success.


Founded in 2001, Ventech Solutions isn’t a typical SaaS VC firm; rather, it’s a technology transformation partner primarily focused on delivering innovative solutions to the public sector. With over two decades of experience, Ventech Solutions specializes in empowering government agencies through critical technology transformations. 

Their expertise lies in providing high-impact results, leveraging emerging technologies and creative strategies to address complex challenges faced by clients. While Ventech Solutions isn’t a venture capital firm investing in startups, they are deeply involved in delivering technology transformations and solutions. 

Their offerings, such as Our CLOUD, Valholla, and Our Health, showcase their commitment to providing secure cloud environments, intelligent DevSecOps tools, and AI-powered digital healthcare solutions.

Prime Ventures

Founded in 2011, Prime Venture Partners operates as a dedicated venture capital firm that strongly supports startups at the seed stage. They prioritize product development and market fit over superficial metrics, offering not just funding but a supportive network crucial for a startup’s initial growth. 

The team, led by experienced entrepreneurs turned investors, fosters a close-knit relationship with founders, providing guidance and a sounding board through the ups and downs of building a business. 

With a growing portfolio of over 40 companies spanning various sectors like Fintech, SaaS, Consumer, B2B, and more, Prime Venture Partners stands out for their hands-on approach. They offer expertise in marketing, recruitment, finance, legal, and human resources through their extended team, aiming to actively shape and share in the journey of the startups they support.

Draper Esprit

Molten Ventures, formerly known as Draper Esprit, has undergone a significant rebranding to better reflect its growth and transformation. As a tech-focused venture capital firm, Molten Ventures boasts a market cap of around £1.5 billion, marking an impressive increase from its initial value of just over £120 million in five years. 

With a portfolio of remarkable companies, they’ve evolved into a listed FTSE 250 company with a fully expanded and scaled team. The rebranding signifies a pivotal moment for Molten Ventures, aligning with their evolution and ambition. The name ‘Molten’ symbolizes transformation, drawing from the natural process of state change. They aim to inject energy into companies, going beyond capital by providing experience, knowledge, relationships, and long-term commitment to help businesses succeed.

Molten Ventures remains committed to its core mission: investing in innovative European technology companies with global potential. Their team of experienced partners, many of whom are former entrepreneurs, supports portfolio companies with strategic guidance, finance, hiring, and global expansion.

PROfounders Capital

Founded in 2009, PROfounders Capital is a pan-European, early-stage technology investment firm, deeply focused on solving broken customer experiences. Since 2009, they’ve invested in visionary entrepreneurs across Europe, offering initial investments ranging from €500k to €3m.

Their approach centers on supporting ventures with a working product and early customer validation, especially those leveraging technology, primarily software, to revolutionize customer experiences in both B2B and B2C markets. The firm’s core values reflect their commitment to conviction, honesty, and support. 

They selectively invest in only a handful of companies each year, aiming to go all-in with both capital and time once they commit. Their emphasis on honest communication and willingness to ask tough questions defines their interactions with founders. Moreover, they stand as partners through thick and thin, offering support and guidance through the challenges and successes of building a business.


Founded in 2006, 83North is a venture capital firm with a global presence and a strong focus on supporting companies as they scale. With significant funds under management and a track record of successful exits, they’ve become a prominent player in the venture capital landscape.

Their portfolio spans diverse sectors, including Software as a Service (SaaS), reflecting their commitment to nurturing innovative companies that have the potential for substantial growth. The firm’s philosophy revolves around providing unique support to companies, offering them the tools, guidance, and resources needed to reach their full potential. 

83North’s approach involves being a small yet impactful global family, working closely with companies to help them navigate the challenges of growth and achieve success. Their dedication to supporting companies through various stages of development and their strategic investments in the SaaS space have contributed to their position as a trusted partner for ambitious startups and entrepreneurs.

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