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April 2, 2024
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Any company, regardless of size, that wants to succeed in the world of software-as-a-service by producing leads, increasing organic traffic, and maintaining growth must know how to create SaaS links.

This in-depth SaaS link building manual shares tactics, industry best practices, and beneficial insights to assist SaaS companies in successfully overcoming link acquisition challenges.

SaaS link building is the process of acquiring highest-authority links, through a variety of techniques, from reputable websites in the Software as a Service (SaaS) and related sectors.

Increasing the perceived value and trustworthiness of your website to search engines like Google is the fundamental goal of SaaS link development. 

Some of the top elements of SaaS link acquisition are:

  • Content Creation 
  • Outreach 
  • Relationship Building 
  • Guest Posting 
  • Link Reclamation

Links from other websites indicate to search engines that your SaaS company is legitimate and worthy of attention.

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Building links for SaaS is essential for several reasons.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Creating solid backlinks from reliable websites helps a SaaS company rank higher in organic search results and attracts more potential customers who are searching the internet for solutions.
  • Credibility and Trust: The SaaS brand’s reputation and trust is increased by backlinks from reputable websites, which serve as testimonies. Consumers are more inclined to trust companies with a high backlink profile.
  • Increased Traffic: A SaaS website is exposed to a broader pool of prospective consumers who are actively looking for information or solutions relating to the company’s offers when it obtains referral traffic from high-quality backlinks.
  • Building Authority: When a company receives backlinks from websites that are pertinent to its SaaS business and particular niches, it builds authority in your niche. This results in higher organic rankings for relevant keywords and topics.
  • Lead Generation: Link building can support lead generation initiatives by drawing targeted visitors to the SaaS website. Reputable sources increase the chance that visitors turn into leads or customers.
  • Competitive Advantage: Link building can give a business a competitive edge in the overcrowded SaaS market by helping it set itself apart from rivals and define its value proposition.

80% of search engine optimizers agree that link building is the most important factor and will continue to be for the next 10 years or so. 

Here are some tactical link acquisition tips for SaaS companies: 

Guest Blogging

One of the best ways for SaaS companies to develop high-quality backlinks and become thought leaders in their sector is through guest blogging. Businesses can accomplish several objectives through guest posting on reputable websites in the SaaS industry. 

First, guest blogging allows SaaS companies to use their knowledge, skills, and creative solutions. By circulating insightful information, industry best practices, and case studies, businesses can establish themselves as authorities and win over the trust of their target audience. 

Guest blogging also allows SaaS companies to connect with a fresh audience that might need to become more familiar with what they offer. By posting information on popular websites, businesses can connect with people who are interested in what they have to offer. 

The primary advantage of guest blogging for businesses is the acquisition of backlinks to their websites, which is crucial for improving search engine results. These hyperlinks, which add significant value to links and improve the company’s online presence, can be incorporated into the author’s bio or occur naturally within the text. 

Guest blogging helps SaaS companies become recognized as respected leaders in the SaaS community, strengthens their brand authority, and cultivates connections with influential people in the industry.

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Finding broken links on industry-relevant websites is a proactive way to improve your link building efforts. A hyperlink on a webpage that no longer points to the intended location due to removal, relocation, or defunct of the target page is known as a broken link. 

You can identify broken links that point to old or nonexistent content through an extensive examination of these websites. 

Ahrefs is an excellent tool to identify broken links. You can input your competitors URL in the search bar to locate all the broken links pointing to that domain. 


After being located, you can contact the site owners or web admins and provide them with a helpful fix. Offering links to your content in place of these broken ones gives their audience a good alternative and benefits both parties. 

This tactic offers a chance to demonstrate the worth of your content and foster a relationship with web admins. You raise your chances of them accepting your offer by showcasing your desire to add value and enhance the user experience on their website.

Resource page link building involves obtaining backlinks from resource pages that compile lists of valuable links relevant to the SaaS industry. 

When your SaaS solution is featured on a resource page, it not only improves the credibility of the page but also drives traffic and boosts your site’s authority in the SaaS domain. 

To locate relevant resource pages in the SaaS sector, utilize specific search strings tailored to your niche. Examples include “SaaS tools resources” or “best SaaS solutions.” 

Look for terms like “recommended tools” or “top software solutions” to discover additional link opportunities beyond traditional resource pages. 

Here is an example of a SaaS resource page:

Analyze competitor backlinks using tools like Semrush to uncover potential resource pages that have linked to them. This provides insights into valuable link-building opportunities for your SaaS platform. 

Personalize outreach emails when contacting webmasters or site owners for link placements. Clearly articulate the value proposition of your SaaS solution and make it easy for them to include your link on their resource page.

Concentrate efforts on resource pages that are likely to consider your SaaS offering valuable and relevant to their audience. Avoid pursuing links from pages that exclusively feature competitors or unrelated content.

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Skyscraper and Reverse Skyscraper Technique

One effective method to boost your link building efforts is to find and enhance popular content in the industry. This is known as the Skyscraper technique. You should find high-performing content that resonates with your target audience and attracts a lot of engagement by conducting in-depth research and analysis.

Along with this understanding, concentrate on creating content superior to the original in terms of presentation, depth, relevance, or quality. This could be supplying additional insights, utilizing recent information and trends, providing more tools or resources, or strikingly presenting data. 

Reaching out to websites linked to the original content is the next step after creating your excellent content. Create customized outreach messages that emphasize your content’s importance and originality and ask them to consider connecting to your updated version. 

Highlight how your content complements their audience’s interests and goals and offers additional value. You can encourage them to link to your content by framing it as an invaluable resource that complements their current content offerings. This strategy positions your business as a top authority in your sector and aids in obtaining backlinks from relevant and reliable websites. 

Similar to the Skyscraper technique, you can also use the reverse skyscraper technique to find content in your site that didn’t perform well and improve it to gain visibility and links. 


Relationship Building

Building relationships with influencers, bloggers, journalists, and industry experts is essential for efficient link building. This strategy includes proactive networking, engaging with individuals on many platforms, and developing relationships that may lead to beneficial connections. 

Attending conferences, online forums, and industry events can help you network with well-known figures in your industry. To express your gratitude, emphasize on the efforts of your contacts, comment positively on their blog posts, and engage with their content on social media. 

Additionally, search for chances to collaborate with individuals who can benefit you, including co-hosting webinars, adding to round-up blogs or interviews, or working together on content projects. Using these collaborative activities, you expand your network and increase your chances that they will mention and connect to your work. 

As you develop these connections over time, you’ll discover that industry insiders and influencers are more likely to promote your business and distribute your content to their audiences, enhancing website visibility and earning you valuable backlinks.

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Content Syndication

Increase the reach and effect of your content by syndicating it on credible platforms such as Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, or industry-specific forums and communities. You can reach a wider readership by promoting your content on these platforms and using their existing audiences and networks. 

Additionally, syndication enables you to take advantage of the legitimacy and authority of these platforms, raising the perceived worth of your content and the possibility that it will be shared and cited by other websites and media. When your content becomes popular on these platforms, it will draw backlinks from websites that want to use your thoughts and insights for citation or other purposes. 

Syndication also offers a chance to interact with a varied audience and participate in important dialogues and discussions.

By carefully choosing the platforms that correspond with your target demographic and content objectives, you can optimize the impact of your syndicated content and generate valuable traffic and interaction to your website. 

Internal Linking

You can improve search engine crawlability by carefully choosing which sites to link inside your content to construct a coherent and interconnected network.

Internal links are essential to your website for several reasons. Creating links between pages makes it easier for search engine crawlers to traverse and index your website. This can increase your site’s overall visibility in search results by helping search engines grasp the structure and relevancy of your content.

Also, internal links help spread “link juice,” or link equity, throughout your website. When a page links to another within your site, it transfers some of its authority and relevance to the linked page. This increases the authority of significant pages and the probability that they will rank highly in search results.


Furthermore, internal linking can improve user experience by directing readers to related content on your website. By making extra resources easily accessible, you can entice users to browse more pages and interact with your content for longer.

Examine each link’s placement, context, and importance to optimize your internal linking structure. Use internal links organically in your writing, directing readers to pages with more information or context. 

Use accurate and descriptive anchor text that matches the content of the connected page. This will help search engines determine the significance of the connection.

Submit to Directories

One way to improve link building and increase internet visibility for your SaaS website is to submit it to industry directories and listings. 

By discovering directories and listings that expressly serve the SaaS industry or your target demographic, you can ensure that your website appears in reputable online directories where prospective users are actively looking for software solutions similar to yours. 

Give preference to directories that are reputable, well-established, and closely related to the SaaS industry. Niche-specific directories are more credible and relevant because visitors are more likely to be actively interested in SaaS solutions and to interact with your entry. 

Prioritize quality over number when choosing which directories to submit to; choose ones with a good reputation and a history of drawing in real visitors and possible customers.

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Monitor Competitors

Keep an eye on your rivals’ backlink profiles to spot worthwhile link building prospects and learn about their SEO tactics. You can find authoritative websites that might be open to linking to your content by conducting in-depth assessments of your competitors’ link profiles using tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush.

By closely examining your competitors’ backlinks, you can identify high-quality websites in your business or area that have previously shown a tendency to link to related material. 

These websites are excellent choices for outreach since they link to other helpful and relevant websites that complement their content offerings.


Acquiring proficiency in software-as-a-service link building is essential for companies operating in the market.

SaaS organizations increase website traffic, establish rapport and trust with their target audience, and finally drive development and success in the competitive SaaS industry by employing these tactics.

SaaS organizations can successfully navigate the link acquisition issues and establish themselves as leaders in the dynamic and constantly changing software-as-a-service industry by committing to continuous improvement and adaptation of their link building tactics.

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