Top 30 SaaS Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders in 2024 

Updated: June 20, 2024
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SaaS is always evolving, with AI, machine learning, and cloud computing fueling continuous innovation.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest SaaS trends, follow our list of the top SaaS influencers.

I have shortlisted, verified, and listed the best SaaS B2B experts and key opinion leaders for 2024.

These key SaaS influencers share well-rounded insights, industry trends, leadership content, and modern technologies to improve your skills and knowledge. 

Best SaaS Influencers List [2024 Rankings]

Here are the most influential SaaS bloggers, entrepreneurs, and content creators for 2024:

Jason Lemkin – Follow Him For the Newest SaaS Tips and AI Trends

Jason is one of the must-follow SaaS influencers.

You should follow him for the newest SaaS tips, cloud services insights, and AI trends. 

He also offers practical advice on scaling software businesses, securing funding, and navigating the startup ecosystem.

You can connect with Jason Lemkin on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube

Des Traynor – Get Insights On Scaling SaaS Businesses

Being the co-founder of Intercom, Des Traynor is an expert in launching and scaling SaaS businesses. 

As an active SaaS influencer and entrepreneur, Traynor offers insightful tips on SaaS startup communities and growth trends.  

You can connect with Des Traynor on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram

David Cancel  – Leading SaaS Influencer Having Experience in Creating Hypergrowth SaaS Products 

David Cancel is a notable SaaS influencer and chairman of Drift. 

With a rich background in SaaS entrepreneurship, Cancel shares trending insights and well-thought-of updates on industry trends and technology innovations.

You can connect with David Cancel on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Ty Smith – Best SaaS Influencer and Crypto Expert

Ty Smith is one of the top SaaS influencers and cryptocurrency expert. 

He is the CEO of Clickstrike, an award-winning tech and B2B SaaS influencer marketing agency. His insights have been featured in major publications like Forbes and CoinTelegraph.

You can connect with Ty Smith on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Noah Kagan – Top SaaS Influencer For Solopreneurs

Noah Kagan is a prominent SaaS influencer, entrepreneur, and the Chief Sumo at AppSumo.

Kagan shares his opinions on modern entrepreneurship through his social media and weekly newsletter, which has over 350,000 subscribers. 

You can connect with Noah Kagan on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Rand Fishkin – Well-Respected SaaS Influencer Having Experience in Scaling SaaS Businesses to Over $50m/year

Rand Fishkin is a must-follow SaaS influencer known for his influence in digital marketing. He is the former founder of Moz and the current co-founder of SparkToro and Snackbar Studio. 

Rand’s insights are widely respected in the marketing community. Fishkin also hosts events like SparkTogether, which foster networking and share real stories among marketers and entrepreneurs. 

You can connect with Rand Fishkin on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Asia Orangio – SaaS Influencer Discussing SaaS Growths and Stats

Asia Orangio is a seasoned marketer and founder of DemandMaven. She brings a refreshing perspective on SaaS growth, emphasizing marketing’s perpetual nature as a vital business function rather than a one-off endeavor. 

With over a decade of experience and a track record of guiding numerous SaaS PLG companies to success, her insights underscore the importance of viewing marketing as a continuous cycle rather than a finite task. 

Through her work, she advocates for sustained effort and adaptation in marketing strategies, aligning closely with the dynamic needs of evolving markets and business landscapes. 

You can connect with Asia Orangio on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Aaron Levie – Best Enterprise SaaS Influencer

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, is one of the best SaaS influencers to follow in 2024. He expresses a dynamic blend of tech enthusiasm and candid SaaS insights on his social channels. 

From championing AI’s transformative potential in enterprise information management to musings on evolving software models, Levie navigates complexities with optimism and skepticism. 

His tweets reflect a CEO deeply engaged in the future of technology, unafraid to challenge norms and provoke thought in his vast digital community. 

You can connect with Aaron Levie on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Alex Turnbull – Offers Daily Insights To Grow SaaS Startups

Alex Turnbull is the CEO and founder of Groove and an outstanding SaaS influencer. He has helped his SaaS startup reach $100,000 in monthly revenue. 

After his previous company, Bantam Live, was acquired early, Turnbull aimed to build Groove for the long haul, emphasizing sustainable growth over quick exits or venture capital pressures. 

Turnbull helps SaaS enthusiasts to join the journey, sharing successes and failures to help other entrepreneurs grow their startups.

You can connect with Alex Turnbull on LinkedIn.

Alexander Theuma – Organizes the Biggest B2B SaaS Conference in Europe, SaaStock

Alex Theuma is the Founder and CEO of SaaStock and a widely known SaaS influencer, guiding founders towards achieving $10 million in ARR. 

With a career spanning over a decade, he hosts The SaaS Revolution Show podcast and serves as a General Partner at BackFuture Ventures. 

Through his leadership, Alex fosters a platform where industry insights and networking opportunities converge, driving growth and innovation within the SaaS ecosystem.

You can connect with Alexander Theuma on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Brian Halligan – Great SaaS Leader Helping Startup Founders Become Profitable CEOs

Brian Halligan, co-founder of HubSpot and dynamic entrepreneur, brings a blend of business acumen and unconventional wisdom to his social media presence. 

Through his posts, Halligan not only reflects on the strategic importance of effective boards and passionate ownership in building successful companies but also dives into cultural observations like Boston’s sporting achievements. 

His engagement spans insights on technology’s evolution from email marketing to AI, emphasizing the shift towards personalized customer interactions. 

You can connect with Brian Halligan on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Dharmesh Shah – Popular SaaS Influencer Sharing Insights on SaaS, RaaS, and AI

Dharmesh Shah is the CTO of HubSpot and one of the best SaaS influencers to follow in 2024. He is deeply immersed in the evolution of AI-driven user experiences.

Dharmesh shares free subscriptions and valuable content for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. His commentary on emerging trends and technologies within the martech industry provides foresight into future developments and opportunities.

You can connect with Dharmesh Shah on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Aaron Ross – Leading SaaS Social Media Celebrity For High Growth Companies

Aaron Ross is a distinguished sales advisor, author, and speaker renowned for his expertise in fostering hyper-growth through predictable revenue strategies. 

With a career highlighted by pivotal roles at Salesforce and Acquia, Aaron offers invaluable insights as a board director and executive coach, guiding companies to enhance their sales performance. 

His sought-after speaking engagements worldwide are acclaimed for delivering actionable strategies that empower teams to achieve their sales goals effectively. 

For CEOs and founders eager to scale their businesses, Aaron Ross is the definitive expert poised to drive transformative success. 

You can connect with Aaron Ross on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Neil Patel – Top-Rated SaaS Marketing Influencer 

You can’t complete a list of SaaS influencers without Neil Patel.

Neil is one of the top SaaS entrepreneurs and digital marketers who has founded NP Digital. 

As a New York Times bestselling author and a Forbes top 10 marketer, his methods have been validated by industry recognition and results. 

He frequently introduces new approaches and frameworks that are often ahead of mainstream adoption, providing a competitive edge. 

You can connect with Neil Patel on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Tomasz Tunguz – Must-Follow For SaaS Investors, Partners, and CEOs


Tomasz Tunguz is a prominent venture capitalist at Theory Venture Capital. As one of the best B2B SaaS influencers, he shares insights on technology, startups, and the evolving landscape of venture funding. 

He shares timely updates on significant developments in SaaS technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital, keeping followers informed about the latest B2b SaaS trends and tech innovations.

You can connect with Tomasz Tunguz on X and LinkedIn.

Nathan Barry – Offers Exceptional Advice For Growing SaaS Startups

Nathan Barry is an influential SaaS expert and the founder and CEO of ConvertKit known for his innovative approach in empowering creators through his email marketing platform.

He pioneers innovative solutions for creators, demonstrating how technology can empower and amplify their impact. 

Nathan actively engages with his community, offering mentorship, SaaS advice, and practical tips for aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike. 

You can connect with Nathan Barry on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Sean Ellis – Master of SaaS Growth Hacking

Sean Ellis is an exceptional SaaS influencer who shares his insights in SaaS growth hacking. With a track record that includes Dropbox, Eventbrite, LogMeIn, and Lookout, Ellis continues to shape the landscape of business growth strategies through his teachings at 

His emphasis on product/market fit as the cornerstone of sustainable growth underscores his expertise in driving impactful SaaS business expansions. 

You can connect with Seas Ellis on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Reilly Chase – New-Age SaaS Influencer to Scale Growth

Reilly Chase is the founder of HostiFi, which serves 3,000 clients with $269K in monthly recurring revenue. 

Chase’s journey underscores the transformative power of persistence and a clear mission: simplifying server management so clients can swiftly set up and thrive without technical headaches. 

His success epitomizes entrepreneurial vision turned into tangible, sustainable growth in the tech industry. 

You can connect with Reilly Chase on X, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Christophe Langlois – Top B2B SaaS Influencer for Fintech

Christophe Langlois is an outstanding B2B SaaS influencer offering a blend of leadership and creativity in the fintech sector. 

With a substantial following and a keen focus on generative AI and the future of work trends, Christophe engages his audience through curated content and insightful reposts from industry leaders. 

His influence extends across platforms, where he shares valuable perspectives on AI adoption and transformative SaaS technologies, making him a pivotal voice in shaping the SaaS landscape. 

You can connect with Christophe Langlois on X, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Sujan Patel – Best For Advice on SaaS Sales and Entrepreneurship

Sujan Patel is the founder of Mailshake and oversees several other successful ventures like Zoomshift and RightInbox. 

Based in Austin, TX, Patel is known for his expertise in SaaS sales and entrepreneurship, which is reflected in his popular newsletters and career advice. 

You can connect with Sujan Patel on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Jason Cohen – Top Tech and SaaS Influencer Offering Real-World Insights

Jason Cohen is a serial entrepreneur, SaaS influencer, and the founder of WPEngine and SmartBear. 

You should follow Jason to acquire real-world insights on balancing ambition with authenticity in the entrepreneurial landscape.

SaaS entrepreneurs and tech industry veterans find his content valuable. 

You can connect with Jason Cohen on X and LinkedIn.

David Skok – Offers Advice on Product-Led Growth

David Skok is known for his insightful perspectives on entrepreneurship and venture capital, and shares a wealth of knowledge through his prolific posts on social media. 

You can follow Skok to find expert commentary on product-led growth and key industry software trends. 

You can connect with David Skok on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Chuck Robbins – Prominent SaaS CEO and Influencer

Chuck Robbins is one of the well-known SaaS influencers and the CEO of Cisco. As a top-rated SaaS CEO, he provides firsthand information on leadership decisions, appointments, and corporate strategies. 

Following him allows networking with like-minded professionals in SaaS technology and business spheres, providing a platform for industry discussions and connections. 

You can connect with Chuck Robbins on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Mamoon Hamid – Insights and Advice on SaaS Investing, Growth, and AI

Mamoon Hamid is a new-age SaaS influencer and a partner at Kleiner Perkins. 

Based in Palo Alto, Mamoon shares his well-rounded views on advancements in AI, SaaS trends, entrepreneurial journeys, and impactful conversations within the tech community, reflecting his deep engagement and influence in Silicon Valley and beyond. 

You can connect with Mamoon Hamid on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Rob Walling – Author of ‘The SaaS Playbook’

Rob Walling is one of the top-rated SaaS influencers known for his insightful contributions to SaaS growth and development. Through platforms like @startupspod and @microconf, he fosters global connections among founders, sharing expertise honed from years in the field. 

His SaaS playbook, detailed at, serves as a foundational resource for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of starting and scaling software businesses. 

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Rob continues to shape the industry with practical advice and a passion for empowering SaaS bootstrappers worldwide. 

You can connect with Rob Walling on X, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Casey Winters – Top SaaS Product Growth Specialist

Casey Winters is a B2B SaaS influencer and leader in product and growth. He has left an indelible mark across prominent tech platforms like Eventbrite, Pinterest, and Grubhub. 

His journey, characterized by pivotal roles during critical junctures, reflects a profound expertise in shaping product strategy and scaling marketplace startups. 

Currently advising full-time and serving on boards, Casey continues to influence the industry through his insights on monetization models and the intricacies of building successful marketplaces, offering invaluable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs and established firms alike. 

You can connect with Casey Winters on X and LinkedIn.

Larry Kim – Leading SaaS And Tech Influencer

Larry Kim is another prominent SaaS and tech influencer, the CEO of CustomersAI, and founder of WordStream. 

His entrepreneurial journey, from founding WordStream to its acquisition by USA Today for $150 million in 2018, reflects his pioneering spirit and strategic acumen.

Active as a columnist for Inc. and Medium, Larry continues to innovate. He recently showcased his company’s achievements on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, underscoring his commitment to advancing technology and business. 

You can connect with Larry Kim on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

April Dunford – Offers Advice For Growing B2B Tech Companies

Follow April Dunford for deep insights into SaaS tech trends and positioning strategies. 

With a career shaped by pivotal experiences like repositioning a startup’s product from a personal database to a mobile device embeddable, April illuminates the profound impact of strategic positioning on business growth. 

Through her writings and podcasts, she advocates for nuanced approaches in B2B positioning, challenging conventional norms and empowering startups to differentiate effectively in competitive landscapes. 

You can connect with April Dunford on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Claire Suellentrop – Shares Insights On SaaS Marketing And Product Growth 

Claire Suellentrop is the co-founder of Forget the Funnel. 

Her tweets reflect a seasoned perspective on SaaS and tech, sharing insights from her experiences. 

Claire shares valuable insights on Customer-Led Growth and SaaS strategies, making her feed a valuable resource for professionals in these fields. 

You can connect with Claire Suellentrop on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

TK Kader – Offers Advice For SaaS Founders, CEOs and CROs

TK Kade is a well-known voice in the SaaS industry, offering critical perspectives on building and scaling software businesses. 

With a career spanning notable ventures like BWater, ToutApp, and Marketo, TK emphasizes the pitfalls of traditional startup methodologies, particularly the misconceptions surrounding MVP (minimum viable product) strategies. 

His tweets reflect a deep understanding of the nuanced differences between software and services MRR (monthly recurring revenue), highlighting scalability, margins, and valuation disparities. TK’s presence underscores the evolving landscape of SaaS, advocating for strategic clarity and market differentiation beyond mere technical solutions. 

You can connect with TK Kader on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

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