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What Does An AI PR Agency Do?

Our AI PR (Artificial Intelligence) agency specializes in managing the public image, reputation, and communication strategies of companies, organizations, or individuals involved in the AI industry.

Our primary goal is to help AI-focused clients build and maintain a positive and impactful presence in the media, online platforms, and various communication channels.

Why Work with Clickstrike on AI Earned Media and PR Services?

AI Industry Expertise

Our team of seasoned PR & earned media professionals understands the intricacies of the the AI and tech sectors. We have a deep knowledge of the AI industry's trends, challenges, and target audience, enabling us to craft compelling narratives and secure media coverage that resonates with your key stakeholders.

Tech Media Relationships

With over half a decade of experience building strong relationships with AI journalists, bloggers, influencers, and industry experts, we have an extensive network of media contacts at our fingertips. We leverage these connections to secure valuable media placements, thought leadership opportunities, and strategic partnerships that enhance your brand's reputation.

Strategic Storytelling

We believe in the power of captivating stories. Our AI PR agency works closely with you to uncover the unique aspects of your business, products, or services. We then develop compelling narratives that showcase your expertise, innovation, and impact, positioning your tech brand as a thought leader and driving positive perception within your industry.

Comprehensive AI PR Services

From crafting press releases and media pitches to managing media relations and organizing targeted events, our AI PR services cover all aspects of earned media and public relations. We tailor our earned media strategies to align with your business goals, whether it's increasing brand awareness, driving lead generation, or managing a product launch.

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We help AI and Tech brands secure insane coverage from leading Tech and Business media. We've placed clients in TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more.
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We manage powerful and scaleable paid ad campaigns across Google Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more.
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The scaleability of the AI business model, paired with the sustainability of SEO as a growth method is an exciting combination. Our AI SEO agency helps clients make SEO their competitive advantage.
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Link Building

We build high authority back links to SaaS websites to help with organic traffic and rankings.
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We help B2B tech companies build powerful outbound sales funnels that fill their calendar with sales calls every week.
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AI PR Agency FAQs

An AI PR (Artificial Intelligence Public Relations) agency specializes in managing the public image, reputation, and communication strategies of companies, organizations, or individuals involved in the AI industry.

Their primary goal is to help their clients build and maintain a positive and impactful presence in the media, online platforms, and various communication channels.

Here are some of the key functions and services that an AI PR agency typically provides:

  1. Media Relations: The agency establishes relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers who cover AI-related topics. They pitch story ideas, press releases, and expert commentary to secure media coverage for their clients.

  2. Thought Leadership: AI PR agencies work to position their clients as thought leaders and experts in the field of artificial intelligence. This involves creating and distributing insightful content such as whitepapers, research reports, and opinion pieces.

  3. Content Creation: They produce engaging and relevant content tailored to the AI industry, including blog posts, articles, social media posts, videos, and podcasts. This content helps showcase their clients’ expertise and vision in the AI sector.

  4. Crisis Management: In the event of negative publicity or crises, AI PR agencies help their clients manage and mitigate the impact on their reputation. They develop communication strategies to address issues transparently and professionally.

  5. Event Management: The agency assists in organizing and promoting AI-related events such as conferences, webinars, workshops, and speaking engagements. These events provide platforms for their clients to share insights and network within the AI community.

  6. Social Media Strategy: AI PR agencies develop and execute social media strategies to enhance their clients’ online presence. They create and curate content, engage with followers, and monitor social media conversations related to AI.

  7. Industry Networking: These agencies facilitate connections between their clients and key players in the AI industry, including potential partners, investors, and collaborators. This networking helps clients expand their reach and opportunities.

  8. Brand Messaging: AI PR agencies work on crafting and refining the messaging for their clients, ensuring that the messages align with their overall brand identity and values.

  9. Media Training: They provide media training to help their clients effectively communicate in interviews, press conferences, and public speaking engagements. This ensures that their clients come across as knowledgeable and articulate representatives of the AI field.

  10. Monitoring and Reporting: The agency keeps track of media coverage and online discussions related to their clients and the AI industry. They provide regular reports that detail the impact of their PR efforts.

Overall, an AI PR agency aims to create a positive perception of their clients’ AI initiatives, innovations, and contributions while navigating the evolving landscape of technology, ethics, and public interest.

Earned media refers to media coverage and mentions that a company or organization receives through external sources without directly paying for it. It is a type of publicity that is earned as a result of the company’s actions, achievements, and interactions with the media and the public. For AI companies, earned media can play a significant role in building credibility, awareness, and trust within the industry and among potential customers.

Earned media for AI companies might include:

  1. News Coverage: When an AI company launches a new product, achieves a major milestone, or makes a significant breakthrough in technology, reputable news outlets and industry publications may cover the story. This coverage can range from news articles to in-depth features that highlight the company’s innovations and contributions to the AI field.

  2. Expert Commentary: Industry experts from AI companies might be invited to provide insights, analysis, and commentary on AI-related topics for news articles, TV interviews, podcasts, and other media platforms. This positions the company as a thought leader and contributes to its reputation.

  3. Awards and Recognitions: If an AI company receives awards, accolades, or industry recognitions, these achievements can generate positive media coverage. Such honors demonstrate the company’s excellence and leadership in the AI space.

  4. Whitepapers and Research: Sharing research findings, whitepapers, and reports on AI trends, technologies, and applications can attract attention from media outlets and industry analysts. This type of content showcases the company’s expertise and willingness to contribute valuable insights to the AI community.

  5. Case Studies and Success Stories: When AI companies collaborate with clients or partners to achieve successful outcomes using their technology, these stories can be featured in media as real-world examples of the company’s effectiveness.

  6. Speaking Engagements: Participation in industry conferences, webinars, and panel discussions can lead to media coverage as well. Media outlets may report on the company’s participation and highlight the insights shared during these events.

  7. Social Media Mentions: Positive mentions, comments, and shares about the company’s AI initiatives on social media platforms by users, influencers, and industry experts can contribute to earned media.

  8. Word of Mouth: Satisfied customers, partners, and stakeholders sharing their positive experiences with the AI company can lead to organic word-of-mouth promotion, which can be picked up by media outlets and online communities.

  9. Product Launches and Announcements: Announcing new AI products, features, or updates can attract media interest, especially if the technology addresses a significant problem or provides unique benefits.

Earned media is highly valuable for AI companies because it lends credibility and authenticity to their achievements. Unlike paid advertising, which comes directly from the company, earned media is seen as more impartial and trustworthy, as it comes from third-party sources. Effective earned media strategies can help AI companies establish themselves as industry leaders, attract potential clients and partners, and contribute to the overall growth and success of their business.

We work with a diverse range of AI companies, including startups, established enterprises, research institutions, and individual experts in the field.

Whether you’re developing AI software, hardware, solutions, or providing AI-related services, we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Our agency’s unique combination of AI expertise and PR experience allows us to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and effective communication. Our strong focus on AI and deep tech PR, means we can bring a level of expertise and product understanding that few agencies can.

We understand the nuances of the AI industry, enabling us to craft compelling narratives that resonate with both technical and non-technical audiences.